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About Us

Lechner Adhesives are produced in Italy, in the Alessandria area close to Genoa. The origins of the Lechner company date back to the 1920’s and Lechner is now a leading company in the development and manufacture of subfloor primer’s, DPM’s and adhesives for installing wood flooring.

Lechner adhesives is a new brand in the UK wood flooring market and draws on the technical expertise and knowledge of the Italian manufacturer to provide a simple and straight forward solution for installing wood flooring, allowing the installer to trust and rely on the proven quality of the tried and tested product range.

Product Range

SMP Bond


SMP Bond Wooden Flooring Adhesive
  • Solvent and water free
  • Tin and heavy metals free
  • Combines high strength with a useful elasticity
  • Hard elastic adhesive ridges
  • Neutral odour
  • Dissipates shear forces
  • Adhesive residues easy to remove
  • Easy to spread

One Component moisture cured SMP adhesive according to DIN 14 293, solvent and water free, for solid, on-edge wood flooring 16-22mm, multi-ply / pre-finished wood flooring, solid boards, exotic timbers. Suitable for the application on on absorbent and non absorbent subfloors. Indoor use only.

Suitable for use on warm under floor heating.

LEGNO POL 2000 - 2K PU 10KG


Legono 2 componant wooden floor adhesive
  • High shear strength
  • Excellent ridge formation
  • Flexible
  • Hard elastic adhesive ridge formation
  • Easy to spread

Two-component polyurethane adhesive for the application on of wood flooring of any size and species in accordance with DIN EN 14 293 on absorbent or non absorbent cement screeds, anhydrite and on pre-existing flooring of ceramic tiles, marble, steel, wooden panels after pre-treatment. Indoor use only.

Suitable for use on warm under floor heating.



Fast curing primer for wooden flooring adhesives
  • Very rapid hardening
  • Water free
  • Solvent free
  • Low viscosity primer
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent penetration

One-component fast curing polyurethane primer, water and solvent free, for wood flooring and flooring installations. As barrier damp membrane for blocking the capillary dampness up to 5% CM on cement based moisture resistant surfaces without warm underfloor heating. Odourless anti-dust and consolidating treatments for all critical dried mineral absorbent surfaces with or without warm underfloor heating before bonding with reaction resin adhesives. Suitable for warm underfkoor heating (Not as moisture barrier) For professional use only.

Compatible with SMP BOND and LEGNOPOL 2000 2K PU adhesives.

Poliplex D3

Poliplex D3 is a water resistant vinyl adhesive for floating plywood and prefinished parquet floors.

  • Highly water resistant vinyl adhesive
  • Packaged in bottles with applicator
    nozzles ideal for adhering tongue and groove
  • Uses: floating floors in wood, chipboard and
    laminated panels
  • Fully compliant with EN 14293

Water-resistant water emulsion vinyl adhesive in bottles with applicator nozzles for adhering tongue and groove of floating floors in wood and plywood and elements in wood, chipboard and laminated wood panels. Complies with EN 14293. Water resistance class D3 (EN204/205).

Poliflex SMP

Low VOC content; single-component adhesive with spur technology (silane modified polyurethane) for adhering parquet.

Lechner Adhesive Poliflex parquet adhesive
  • Odourless and hypoallergenic
  • Moisture curing single component
    silane modified polymer based adhesive
  • Can be used on absorbant and
    non-absorbant substrates
  • Free from: solvents, water, amines,
    epoxy resins and isocyanates
  • Very low VOC
  • Quick setting (40 mins worktime) and
    high levels of cohesion
  • Long lasting elasticity
  • Excellent resistance to humidity
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating

Odourless, moisture curing, single component, silane modified polymer based adhesive, conforming to EN 14293, for adhering traditional parquet and prefinished flooring on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Entirely free from solvents, water, amines, epoxy resins and isocyanates; quick setting and non-shrinking. The synergic action of the silane and polyurethane that comprise the hybrid polymer combine the positive characteristics of both elements. The product therefore offers a high level of cohesion, long-lasting elasticity, and an excellent resistance to humidity and an excellent adhesion to substrates. POLIFLEX SMP is a low VOC content product classified as EC1R by the German certification organisation GEV.


No 6 Trowel

For spreading SMP Bond adhesive at the correct rate.

  • No. 6 V- Notch Trowel
  • All Steel Construction
  • Correct spread rate for the SMP Bond
  • Re-usable

Adhesive Gun Applicator

Ideal for our 600ml Poliflex sausage adhesive.

Lechner Adhesive Gun Applicator
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Easy to dispense adhesive
  • Suitable for use with sausages and cartridges

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